Anark Core MBEWorks for SolidWorks

Anark Core MBEWorks
Create 3D Technical Data Packages & MBE Docs with SOLIDWORKS

describe the imageAnark MBEWorks for SOLIDWORKS is the most cost-effective solution for generating MBE documents, and enables your organization to become a model based enterprise and win more contracts.


  • Eliminate costs to create and maintain 2D engineering drawings
  • View/interact with MBD/MBE models & data on zero-cost platforms
  • Adhere to new DoD MBE requirements

Anark Core MBEWorks™ converts SOLIDWORKS 2014 parts and assemblies with 3D dimensions, tolerances, GD&T, and other 3D notes into high-resolution 3D PDF and HTML documents containing manufacture-quality BREP geometry, interactive associativity between features (ASME Y14.41 "visual response" characteristics), and "machine readable" semantic definitions for each component.

Technical Data Packages

  • Complete 3D product definition
  • Replaces 2D drawings
  • ASME Y14.41 Visual Response

Request for Quotes

  • Provides self-contained RFQ package
  • Highlights critical design requirements
  • Receive bids electronically

Digital Work Instructions

  • Animated work steps
  • 3D MBD and annotations
  • Lightweight and easy to distribute

Inspection Documents

  • Highlights key inspection characteristics
  • Compare measured vs. design specifications
  • sign and submit measurements to SPC systems