SOLIDWORKS Live Online Training

Online Solidworks TrainingIn an effort to make training as accessible and convenient as possible to our customers, CADD Edge now offers SOLIDWORKS training courses online. These classes are NOT just videos that trainees play online; instead, these are real-time, distance-learning courses led by one of our Certified SOLIDWORKS Professionals.

Highlights of our online SOLIDWORKS training courses include:

  • Classes held as scheduled; no cancellations or postponements due to low number of registrations
  • Completely web-enabled; no travel costs
  • Class time less compressed, allowing for more bandwidth to practice exercises
  • Courses divided into 3-hour blocks, allowing for intermittent attention to work needs
  • Official SOLIDWORKS training manuals are included
Here's how our online SOLIDWORKS training courses work:
  • The courses are enabled via “GoToTraining” from Citrix Online
  • Registered attendees will receive a “GoToTraining” invitation via email, allowing trainees to see the instructor's screen and to choose from a phone number to call or an audio PIN to use if listening via computer
  • All classes are interactive and questions can be asked at any time during the training
  • We do recommend a hands-free headset whether connecting via phone or computer
  • Also, trainees should situate themselves in a quiet office or conference room and CADD Edge will provide a “Do Not Disturb” sign to all attendees

Below is a table with a list of our currently offered online SolidWorks training courses.

Training Course Duration
SolidWorks Drawings  4 Days, 3 Hours/Day
Assembly Modeling  4 Days, 3 Hours/Day
Advanced Part Modeling  4 Days, 3 Hours/Day
Surface Modeling  4 Days, 3 Hours/Day
Mold Design  4 Days, 3 Hours/Day
Sheet Metal  4 Days, 3 Hours/Day
Weldments  2 Days, 3 Hours/Day
SolidWorks Routing - Electrical  4 Days, 3 Hours/Day
SolidWorks Routing - Piping & Tubing  4 Days, 3 Hours/Day
File Management  2 Days, 3 Hours/Day
Motion Simulation  4 Days, 3 Hours/Day
Flow Simulation  4 Days, 3 Hours/Day
Simulation Premium: Non-Linear  4 Days, 3 Hours/Day
Simulation Premium: Dynamics  4 Days, 3 Hours/Day
Conceptual Designer  4 Days, 3 Hours/Day
Industrial Designer 4 Days, 3 Hours/Day 
Model Based Definition (MBD) 2 Days, 3 Hours/Day
Inspection 1/2 Day