1 day training course, $375

Weldments teaches you how to create welded structures with standard structural members. Weld beads are also covered. 

Recommended Prerequisites:
- Attended SOLIDWORKS Essentials or equivalent level of knowledge
- At least one month of experience using the software

SolidWorks Weldment TrainingThe topics covered in this course are:

About This Course 
Windows 7 
Use of Color 

Lesson 1: Weldments 
Structural Members 
Groups vs. Structural Members 
Manual Trimming of Structural SolidWorks Weldment TrainingMembers 
Adding Plates 
Gussets and End Caps 
Using Symmetry 
Profile Sketches 
Working with Weldments 
Managing the Cut List 
Custom Properties 
Representing Welds

Lesson 2: Weldment Drawings

Lesson 3: Working with Pipes and Tubing 
3D Sketching 
Weldments and Sheet Metal in Assemblies