SolidWorks Simulation Premium: Dynamic Load Analysis Training Course

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium: Dynamics
2 day training course, $1,500

This course is targeted for the users who would like to become productive in analyzing structures subjected to various types of dynamic loading. The material covered includes the time dependent analysis (force loads as well as motion shock loading examples), harmonic analysis and random vibration analysis (MILS-STD-810F example is included), response spectrum analysis, and introduction to nonlinear dynamics simulation.

Who Should Attend: 
Designed for users who would like to become productive fast, the advanced course offers hands-on experience on the use of SOLIDWORKS Simulation Dynamics modules. 

Recommended Prerequisites:
- Attended SOLIDWORKS Simulation
- Knowledge of basic mechanical engineering concepts
- Knowledge of basic principles in Vibrations is strongly recommended, but not required.

The topics covered in this course are:

Lesson 1: Analyses Covered
Modal time history analysis
Steady-state harmonic analysis
Random vibration
Response spectrum analysis
Introduction to nonlinear dynamic simulation  

Lesson 2: Damping
Rayleigh damping, modal damping, composite damping 

Lesson 3: Excitation
Load vs. time data for nodal forces, pressure loads
Uniform and nonuniform base excitations in the time or frequency domain for displacement, velocity and acceleration
Harmonic excitation for nodal forces, pressure loads, uniform and nonuniform ground motions and varied phase angles
Power spectral density (PSD) excitation curves for nodal forces, pressure loads, uniform and nonuniform ground motions
Response spectrum analysis (SRS and VRS) excitation for uniform base motion

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