2 day training course, $1,295

Identify and avoid part and mold design features that cause injection molding manufacturing defects. While learning the most common SOLIDWORKS Plastics workflows to ensure your part and mold designs are easily manufacturable.

*The SOLIDWORKS Plastics course covers all the features and functions of both SOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional (for part designers) and SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium (for mold designers).

Recommended Prerequisites:
- Attended SOLIDWORKS Essentials or equivalent level of knowledge
- Fundamental knowledge of plastic materials, plastic part design, and/or injection mold design.

The topics covered in this course are:

SOLIDWORKS Plastics TrainingIntroduction 
About This Course 
Windows 7 
Use of Color

Lesson 1: Basic Flow Analysis 
Element Types 
The PlasticsManager Tree
Input Options 
Running a Flow Analysis 
SOLIDWORKS Plastics TrainingFlow Results

Lesson 2: Detecting Air Traps 
Air Traps 
Switching Modes for Design Changes 
Design Changes 
Parts Created Using Mold Design Tools

Lesson 3: Detecting Short Shots 
Flow Settings 
Flow Front Central Temperature

Lesson 4: The Model Manager 
Using the Model Manager 
Copying Parts and Results 
Batch Manager 
Summary & Report

Lesson 5: Gate Locations and Sink Marks 
Gate Selection Rules 
Sink Marks

Lesson 6: Multiple Cavity Molds 
Mirroring Cavities 
Sketching Runners 
Runner Design 
X-Y Plots

Lesson 7: Runner-Balancing 
Local Refinement of Mesh 
Using Runner-Balancing

Lesson 8: Gate Freeze 
Solid Mesh 
Pack Settings 
Flow and Pack Analysis 
Pack Results

Lesson 9: Optimizing Cooling Time 
Multiple Gates

Lesson 10: Using Inserts 
Cavities and Inserts 
Materials for Inserts

Lesson 11: Mesh Repairs 
Element Issues 
Edit Mesh