SOLIDWORKS Advanced Surface Modeling
2 day training course, $799

Surface Modeling teaches you how to build freeform shapes using SOLIDWORKS mechanical design automation software.

Recommended Prerequisites:
- Attended SOLIDWORKS Essentials or equivalent level of knowledge
- Attended SOLIDWORKS Advanced Part Modeling or equivalent level of knowledge
- Experience using the software (a few months)


The topics covered in this course are: 

About This Course 
Using this Book 
Windows 7 
Use of Color 
Hide/Show Tree Items

Lesson 1: Understanding Surfaces 
Solids and Surfaces 
Working with Surface Bodies 
Why Use Surfaces? 
Continuity Explained 
Workflow with Surfaces

Lesson 2: Introduction to Surfacing 
Similarities Between Solid and Surface Modeling 
Basic Surfacing

Lesson 3: Solid-Surface Hybrid Modeling 
Hybrid Modeling 
Using Surfaces to Modify Solids 
Interchanging Between Solids and Surfaces 
Performance Implications 
Surfaces as Construction Geometry 
Alternative to Trim, Knit, and Thicken 
Making Copies of Faces

Lesson 4: Repairing and Editing Imported Geometry 
Importing Data 
Repairing and Editing Imported Geometry

Lesson 5: Advanced Surface Modeling 
Stages in the Process 
Ruled Surfaces 
Lofting Surfaces 
Modeling the Lower Half 
Design Changes

Lesson 6: Blends and Patches 
Complex Blends 
Smoothing Patches 
Boundary Surface 
Freeform Feature 
Corner Blends

Lesson 7: Master Model Techniques 
Introduction to Master Models 
Surface Master Model Technique 
Working with a Solid Master Model 
Specialized Features for Plastic Parts