SOLIDWORKS Mechanical Conceptual Designer

Make Conceptual Design Your Business Advantage

For design professionals and teams who want to create and collaborate without constraints, SOLIDWORKS 3DEXPERIENCE software, powered by Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, provides a Conceptual, Instinctive, Social, and Connected development experience that gives you the freedom to design the way you want.

Conceptual - Take Your Ideas Direct to Digital

Remove design constraints, confirm performance, and put your ideas directly into a digital model.

Sketch Motion

Evaluate your concepts for fit and function with early stage concept validation using trace paths, area sweeps, and alerts to ensure you always move forward with the best design.

Predictive Computing

Focus on innovation and new ideas as design data are continuously calculated in the background to give immediate feedback and help you converge on your final concept.

2D to 3D Motion

Evolve 2D concepts into detailed 3D concept designs with automatic mapping of sketch relations into assembly mates and motion drivers.

Concept Archives

Automatically capture and retain each of your concepts as they are developed so you never lose a valuable idea and can easily retrieve and work with any concept version.


Innovative conceptual design is the core of any successful product. SOLIDWORKS Conceptual Designer, powered by Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, gives you an instinctive, powerful modeling environment focused on the four key elements of conceptual design:

Rapidly create and evolve your concepts the way you want without design barriers, and automatically capture your ideas to use anytime in the future.

Design the way you think with agile, instinctive design tools in a structureless modeling environment with direct editing.

Use familiar social collaboration tools in an interactive environment to harness the collective intelligence of your company, customers, and vendors.

Enhance collaboration with automatically saved design iterations to keep data safe, up-to-date, and accessible anytime, anywhere.

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