SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer

Easily develop, review, and select industrial design concepts before committing to detailed design

SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer (SWID) enables you to naturally create multiple 2D and 3D industrial designs concepts, where product aesthetics are being evolved and judged. When sketching and developing concepts, ideas are captured and advanced in response to a design brief or problem statement. Ideas are then reviewed by internal and external stakeholders before investigating further and refining the best designs.

SWID is the perfect tool for industrial design concepts and the modeling of consumer products:

  • Quickly capture your ideas in a natural, instinctive way using the screen as a virtual sketchpad
  • Expand your ideas in 3D with freeform sculpting techniques – simply push and pull geometry onscreen like virtual clay until you achieve the desired result
  • Easily snapshot multiple design ideas in Concept Archives and then share them throughout your design community to gauge customers’ reactions

SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer Capabilities include:

Intuitive Freehand Sketching
Allows you to capture your design ideas directly in a 3D environment.

Simplified Design Evolution
Quickly moves your concept from sketches to complex 3D geometry, helping accelerate time-to-market.

Realistic Rendering
Enables you to produce stunning images to help convey exactly how the finished product will look.

SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer

Additional Capabilities:

  • Single Modeling Environment
  • Concept Management
  • Social/Collaborative
  • Cloud/Connected
  • Integrated Freeform and Parametric Surface/Solid Modeling
    SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer
  • Direct Editing
  • Predictive Computing
  • Rendering

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