SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium

SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium gives designers or builders of injection molds an accurate, easy-to-use way to optimize them. Quickly create and analyze single, multicavity, and family mold layouts. 

  • Avoid Costly Mold Rework- SOLIDWORKS Plastics helps ensure molds will work right the first time to avoid multiple rounds of time-consuming, costly, and unnecessary rework
Optimize Feed System Design- analyze sprues, runners, and gates to balance runner systems; optimize gate type, size, and location; determine the best runner layout, size, and cross-sectional shape

  • Estimate Cycle Time, Clamp Tonnage, and Shot Size- enables mold designers and mold makers to quote tooling projects quickly and accurately; assists manufacturing teams to size the injection molding machine for a given mold, optimize injection molding cycle time, and reduce plastics material scrap