SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic

A powerful, easy-to-use suite of collaborative, schematic design tools that help drive the rapid development of embedded electrical systems for equipment and other products. Built-in libraries of symbols, manufacturer part information, and 3D component models provide common, reusable materials that optimize design reuse. Automated design and management tools streamline and simplify an array of tedious design tasks, from PLC and terminal block to contact cross-reference assignments. 

Key features include:

  • Advanced database architecture enables multiple users to work on projects concurrently
  • Integrated single line, multiline, and mixed schematic development tools
  • Design rules checks (DRC) reports, providing feedback on design integrity
  • Intelligent copy-and-paste circuit store use designs across projects
  • Smart Search and filter capabilities, simplifying design element searching within and across projects
  • Enhanced content management, including web-based content portal, for ease of content selection
  • Electrical calculation reports for circuit power properties, e.g., voltage and power loss of cables
  • Auto insertion of origin destination arrows for multipage circuit distribution
  • Generate eDrawings documents for projects, providing seamless integration with mobile devices
  • One-touch integration with SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM
  • to manage project data and documents, generate reports, and create PDF and DWGTM exports (SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM sold separately)
  • Generate DWG, DXFTM, and intelligent PDF documents for projects, with smart navigational capabilities
  • Dynamic context- sensitive user interface provides only the commands that make sense based on where you are in the design process so you can focus on design
  • Ability to define cable harness in schematic drawing
  • Direct import of existing DWG and DXF symbols with existing attributes and connections
  • Circuit symbol creation wizard to easily prepare custom schematic symbols
  • Customizable symbol and macros palettes for the most frequently used symbols and saved circuits
  • Fully automated generation of PLC schematic, terminal strip drawing, and support documents
  • Simple-to-use library managers for symbols, footprints, title blocks, macros, cables, and part references, including customizable ERP connectivity for standard parts
  • Configurable to support industry standards (DIN,JIS, ANSI, ISO)

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