Dassault EXALEAD OnePart Software


You may or may not know when you are flying headlong toward a redundant design problem. This one issue alone can have a serious impact on organizations in terms of time and money.

Finding and reusing similar or equivalent parts that you have already invested significant time and money is probably easier said than done. Searching for parts and related information is time consuming and often error-prone. Organizing work can require extensive process implementation and still may not address your legacy design files. Even if you have a PDM system, you could still have documents that aren’t in the system or are spread around your organization. All these factors make locating designs challenging and, worse, extremely time consuming.



It’s pretty normal to believe that recreating designs is faster than locating the old ones. Plus, you may think even if you do find it, it might not be right for this particular situation. You might even think that you could spend a bunch of time playing hide and seek, or you could be solving the problem by doing what you know….designing.

We all tend to forget the amount of work involved in the design process and by not leveraging previous work, we have to relive many details all over again. That can be a good learning experience but typically isn’t efficient. What gets lost in the shuffle are production procedures, quality controls, and impacts to inventory.

Wouldn’t it be better to have the means to quickly retrieve designs that relate to your current task? These designs have already been proven and are in your supply chain.


It certainly seems highly idealistic to think that a system can allow us to search through highly diverse systems and applications spread across teams and your entire organization.  But what if you could see these documents no matter where they are located within your organization’s varied file systems, servers, and data stores? And, what if a single system could provide you visibility into all the major CAD file formats?

Dealing with multiple designers, diverse methods of storage, different naming conventions and various applications results in a complete data disaster. Even if you experience just one of a these issues, finding previous work can be difficult.


Wouldn’t it be great to have a browser based search engine that could provide visibility to CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD, Pro/E + Creo, NX Inventor,  ENOVIA Designer, SmarTeam, IGES 3D, STEP 3D, Media Formats, and MS Office documents? Is it possible for there to be one solution that would allow you to easily and simply locate needed assets?

This is why the team at SOLIDWORKS built EXALEAD OnePart, the premier Search Based Application (SBA). It’s a single scalable application perfect for the diverse data challenges that engineering teams face today.


Finding parts is one thing but determining whether a new part needs to be designed is another. EXALEAD OnePart allows you to find similar parts enabling users to identify and analyze related documentation, such as specifications, testing, validation, and certification material in multiple formats (xls, pdf, etc) to facilitate reuse and comprehensive situational awareness.

EXALEAD OnePart Features:

  • Search parts, assemblies, and drawings from most data sources, including CAD providers, from a full-text search bar
  • Auto-complete Web search functionality speeds user queries
  • Navigation into the parent and children relationships of an assembly to converge on the exact right part
  • 3D mechanical feature mining (locating parts based on holes, pads, grooves, and others)
  • Tags facilitate collaboration
  • Side-by-side/Metadata comparisons to quickly highlight the most relevant part for reuse
  • Shape Search to find similar parts based on a known reference part
  • User-friendly display of charts and graphs with configurable KPIs for rapid analysis

Newest Features:

  • More sources:  Enterprise PDM, SmarTeam, ENOVIA Designer Central
  • Tagging:  easy classification with personalized qualifying words or collaborative tagging, filtering and comparing by tag, mass-tagging and untagging
  • Infinite scroll on Results page
  • Sticky navigation bar enables instant visualization of part KPIs
  • Enhanced filtering by colors
  • Part & file preview:  open it in installed PDM program
  • ERP data integration enables PLM data enrichment
  • Easy setup & administration:  speedy plug & play deployment


EXALEAD OnePart can easily benefit departments beyond design. Just think about call center agents, marketing, sales, or other departments that need to examine design documents. Making the location of these documents available to others empowers them while reducing document requests. Utilizing EXALEAD OnePart in this fashion can have tremendous benefits to your customer service levels and service level agreements (SLAs).

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