Mentor Graphics ECAD & EDASoftware for PCB Design

In our continuing effort to enable customers to design better products in a shorter period of time, CADD Edge has partnered with Mentor Graphics to bring unified electrical design automation (EDA) capabilities to customers. Discover the benefits of unified ECAD software and start a free trial of Mentor Graphics PADS!

altium ECAD for MCAD

 Altium Designer Electronics Design Automation Software

Altium Designer is *the* system for the next generation of electronics design and has become the industry’s only unified design-to-manufacture electronic design solution. Altium’s approach streamlines design flows, simplifies data management, enables rapid prototyping, makes design concepts easy to develop, and facilitates collaboration - helping to bring better products to market much faster.

Key Features of Mentor Graphics PADS include: PCB Design, FPGA Design, 3D PCB Layout Environment, 3D Mechanical Enclosure Checking, Version Control, ECO with Change History, 95,000 Library Components, and Smart Design Data Management.

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3D PCB Layout Environment

ad 3d


Taking advantage of DirectX capabilities, PCB Visualization brings powerful new capabilities that allow you to customize and configure your design view for both 2D and 3D displays so that you can inspect and edit objects both on the surface and internally from a 3D perspective. 

 Design to Manufacture

design to manufacture


Get your design to manufacture faster and with less risk. You'll have complete control over document versioning, publication and management of the design to manufacture. Complete visibility means total control and confidence.

3D Mechanical Enclosure Checking 

ecad mcad


We make it possible to import, manipulate and check mechanical design elements against your PCB design directly. MCAD data files can be linked to, which maintains the latest file information within Altium Designer.