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Keynote Address from the CADD Edge 2010 Road Show

Posted by Jess Levasseur on Tue, Jan 04, 2011 @ 11:01 AM

I was uploading one of John's SolidWorks Tips videos recently when I got a message from YouTube.  The 15 minute time limit on videos no longer applied to our account.  We must have hit some level of posting which allows us to post longer videos.  I don't think this will drastically change the way we do things as we want to keep our videos short and informative, however it did remind me that I had not yet posted the keynote address from the CADD Edge Road Show.

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Back in October we held a series of user events throughout the region.  We kicked these events off in New York City with an address by Ben Kaufman, CEO and founder of Quirky.  Quirky is a unique product development company that utilizes a strategy of creating products via an open community based approach to gather, refine, and develop ideas for new products.  The process is not easy for me to describe in blog format and so I will leave it to Ben.  If you haven't already you might hear (sorry) of them when they unveil their new speakers at CES this month.  We recorded the address and used it to lead off the other events as well.  It was well received and we've received numerous requests to make it available.



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