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Routing- Using “Off the Shelf” Components

Posted by Keith Vittitoe on Tue, Dec 31, 2013 @ 08:12 AM

Post By Wayne White

In our Pitt office, I looked at my RC car that I made over 10 years ago, and thought the Powerpole would be a good blog. (THE URL doesn’t work anymore if you try to go to my website…)

routing15 resized 600

From Grabcad, I "grab"bed this Powerpole connector as an example on how to use a standard component (downloaded) and create a connector from it for use within Routing.

routing1 resized 600

Once Routing is added, select Create Connection Point.

routing2 resized 600

For a C point, which is what I want here, I select a circular edge for reference and then fill out the properties on the left. 

routing3 resized 600

routing4 resized 600

The above technique is OK, but we can do this using a WIZARD as well and have the connector then populate our Design Library.

routing5 resized 600

routing6 resized 600

routing7 resized 600

routing8 resized 600

routing9 resized 600

routing10 resized 600

Mate refs are great for automatic placement- it gives the model something to snap to. This will save you time as long as the connector is something used on a periodic basis.

routing11 resized 600

routing12 resized 600

Within the Wizard, you can then fill out the properties for the connector.

routing13 resized 600

Here, I add the connector to our Design Library. Hope you learned something!  

routing14 resized 600

Find Out How To Create a Knurl in SolidWorks

Posted by Keith Vittitoe on Fri, Mar 01, 2013 @ 05:03 AM

There are a few topics that generate high interest-levels in our office.  “Tips and Tricks”, “FAQs”, “How-To”.  You may have even landed here by surfing for just such terms.  In any case, I asked our AE’s here (Application Engineers) for a list of those types of topics to help me out with content for this blog.  I got a really good list from John that I immediately went through since he’s one of our best.  I picked one topic at random to investigate – modeling threads.

My first reaction is to tell you that no one needs to model threads.  We (AE’s) all say that, right?  It’s heavy geometry.  And yes, I’ve actually had jobs where we designed and built stuff using fasteners and threaded items like ball-screws.  I can think of a few situations where I would need threads, though.Unified Screw Threads

After I decided I would present this topic, I bounced the idea off of one of my rules – more of a guideline really – that I took from Gabe, another top AE here:  create original content for the blog.  To follow Gabe's lead, I searched for internet content demonstrating how to create threads in SolidWorks and as it turns out, there’s a lot.  So, John was right, it's a good topic, but there's lots of other places to find it.  So much for threads.  What about knurls?  Well, that one has some promise.  There’s not a lot of content out there compared to threads, but not only have we posted about it here before (knurl), there’s a step-by-step guide on GrabCAD.  I was headed to the next topic on John's list (check back here later), but GrabCAD interested me, so after looking through the “About” link on their home page and following some other links, it turns out they have a pretty good story and a vision for the future of our craft.

describe the image

GrabCAD is a site where designers like us get to show off and also pick up some freelance work.  It’s a big deal now, but was just an idea in Estonia in 2010.  The original concept was a site where people could submit their designs and get back a drawing from 3D CAD in 48 hours for $25 per drawing.  I know first-hand, there are a lot of people out there with napkins and notebook paper sketches of ideas they are covinced is the next big thing, but they don’t have our skill set.  We (CADD Edge) get approached at trade shows all the time.

describe the image

One of the by-products of this community of designers and engineers is rich environment for companies seeking good designers.  Companies look through the models on GrabCAD to seek out the designers they think can help them.  There’s a great story about an engineer who was unemployed for six months and designed a motorcycle while he looked for a job because he really likes motorcycles.  He posted his motorcycle design on GrabCAD for anyone to download – six months worth of design work for free.  Now he has more design work than he can handle designing things like a submarine.  Companies saw his work and sought his services.  When he was asked why he would offer six months of effort for free, he explained that he just wanted to give back to the design community.

Here’s the commonality between GrabCAD, the motorcycle designer, and the people with the next big thing sketched on a piece of notebook paper: Passion.  As I mentioned, GrabCAD started out as a contract design website.  Send them your design and they send drawings back.  But the creators of GrabCAD were designing stuff other people were passionate about.  GrabCAD focused on their passion - creating a design community.

Threads and knurls don’t get modeled very often and sweeps need a pierce relationship between the helix and the profile, so we get a call.  We’re happy to answer.  But consider taking that knowledge plus some other tips and tricks you have, finding a project you want to work on, and design it in SolidWorks with the goal of posting it – and everything new you learn in SolidWorks along the way, like how to model a knurl (go to GrabCAD, select Tutorials and search for “knurl”).


GrabCAD Design Contest Offers Chance Improve Your SolidWorks Skills

Posted by Jess Levasseur on Mon, May 23, 2011 @ 16:05 PM

A challenge I often face when looking to improve my SolidWorks skills is hunting down real world design tasks.  I can take a pair of calipers and whatever is lying around and make a 3D model, however that isn't designing that's modeling.  The guys over at GrabCAD have teamed up with Amarok racing and set up a design contest challenging their members to design a Triple Clamp for their Zero Emissions Race bike.  At stake is an iPad 2.  Not a bad deal for them. They tap into a community of thousands of users to do their design work for them all for the cost of a 500 dollar iPad. (Hmmm maybe I should start a blog article contest.  Submit an original blog article to me and get an eye pad. )

describe the image

Well they've got my attention.  Tackling a real world design challenge with the potential of winning a cool prize, gives me all the incentive I need to fire up SolidWorks and see what I can come up with. 

If you want to enter head over to GrabCAD for the contest details. Submission deadline is June 1st so time is short.  You don't have to work in SolidWorks but you will have to submit your entry in STEP or IGES format.  Stay tuned and I'll post some screen shots of my entry.



Another Source for Great CAD Models

Posted by Jess Levasseur on Thu, Mar 31, 2011 @ 10:03 AM

describe the image

We've got an internal contest going here in the Engineering group to produce the best content with 3DVIA Composer.  One challenge we run into is finding interesting and new models to create our technical illustrations with.  After my initial cruise through 3DContent Central, I remembered GrabCAD.  The sight has some amazing looking models done from lots of different CAD applications.  SolidWorks, ProE, CATIA and many more are represented.  Originally founded in Europe GrabCAD has just announced they are moving to our backyard in Boston.  Check them out they've got models of furniture, transportation, consumer goods and lots more.

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