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SolidWorks 2014 Beta

Posted by Keith Vittitoe on April 2, 2013 at 8:07 AM

That’s the end.  March went by quickly and Easter is already gone.  We spent the entire month of March on PDM tips, tricks and tutorials.  By the way, most of the posts are unique to CADD Edge.  We’ll get a little more eclectic this month, but we’ll always try to keep it original.

Speaking of eclectic and original, I’ll bet the title of today’s post drew a reaction.  No joke – 2014 beta is on the way.  SolidWorks began preparations with us – the Value-Added Resellers (VARs) - weeks ago.  Here’s a partial list of changes mentioned at SolidWorks World:


Replace View Model

Existing View Icons

Display Style Context Menu

High Quality Shaded View

Angular Running Dimensions

Split Table by Row Count

Order Independent Transparency

Sunlight and Sunlight Animations

Network Rendering Animations

CircuitWorks Thermal Properties

Slots in Hole Wizard

Path Length Dimension

Fixed Length Spline

Style Spline

Replace Sketch Entities

SolidWorks Electrical Harness and reuse

Clips in Flattened Representation

Colored Connector Pins

Bolt Mapping

Results Symmetry

Residual Stress from SolidWorks Plastics

Environment Themes 

History Folder at the top of the FeatureManager

Flexible Assemblies Context Menu

Save As Copy - new copy is open. 

eDrawings with Augmented Reality

Sheet Metal Corner Gussets

Lofted Bend Transitions

Smart Mate Delay

Feature Driven Component Pattern

Rotate Exploded Views



During a recent meeting with SolidWorks to go over plans for the roll-out, I realized something that may be news to you – since beta is already on the way, alpha is nearly done.  That means that if there is a problem with your particular installation, time is running out to get any bugs fixed in 2013.  In fact, my rule of thumb is bug fixes after service pack 3 are unlikely to be fixed in the current version. 

I completely understand why companies wait to install the current version, but understanding the development process may cause you to lean toward service pack 1 rather than 3.  In fact, I recommend that companies set up one seat during the beta testing event SolidWorks holds every year or at least setting up one seat of 2014 sp0 and testing some of the larger or more important assemblies, parts and drawings.  Rather than assuming that there will be problems, convince yourself by testing it.

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