Objet Prints Fenway Park in 3D

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Objet Prints Fenway Park in 3D


Josh from our Objet team sent this over.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Fenway park, Objet printed a scaled model of it!  Sorry Yankee's fans, you'll just have to wait 99 years for a model.  Talk with a Boston fan we can tell you all about waiting.

 If you have a second, check out this blog entry from Objet. The benchmark team over at Objet has been working on this project for about a month now. I’m proud to say that Pesky pole was my idea, but unfortunately, that’s all I can take credit for. Pretty impressive what these machines can spit out! This 105 pound model is going to be making it around Boston. Check the post and you can see where it will be!


Fenway Park Printed on an Objet 3D Printer



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