Avoiding Activation Errors When Upgrading Your SolidWorks SNL

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Avoiding Activation Errors When Upgrading Your SolidWorks SNL


We know when companies start upgrading to a new release because we get a flurry of cases helping them straighten out their SNL (SolidWorks Network License) activations.  We are always happy to help but there are ways to avoid needing to call us.  Especially if you are doing this during off hours when we CADD Edge is not open.  Here are the two ways:

  1. Work directly on the physical machine when installing updating and activating your SNL License Manager.  Don't use RDP (remote desktop connection)
  2. If you have already used RDP to install or this is your only option.  Make sure you transfer your SNL activation back to the server prior to upgrading your SNL.  In fact SolidWorks reccomends transfering the license prior to upgrading between releases whether you are using RDP or not.

The details of why you should avoid using RDP are explained on the Javelin Technologies blog.


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