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SolidWorks QuickFlix Demonstrates Integrated Partner Products


describe the image

The SolidWorks Partner program enables companies to integrate their products and services directly into SolidWorks.  These solutions can be found at the Partner Products section of the SolidWorks website.  Traditionally this site allowed you to search for solutions, read data sheets, and link to the web sites of the tool.  I can't think of a worse way to understand software than to read a data sheet. 

QuickFlix is a new section of the site with video demonstations of many of these products.  These short, two to three minute videos allow the application partners a venue to present their offerings in a clear concise manner. 

If you have heard about some of the third party offerings from CADD Edge and wanted a better understanding of what they do, or what the applications look like in action, QuickFlix is a great place to start.  TactonWorks, E3WireWorks, and DriveWorks have all posted videos that you or your colleagues can watch as a quick introduction.

For example, MasterCam traditionally has operated outside the SolidWorks application.  They had bridge applications that allowed users of SolidWorks to work effectively with their tools.  However it was often perceived as a negative that they did not work natively within the SolidWorks.  I had heard that there was now an integrated version but had not had an opportunity to see a demonstration.  Reading this information in a press release or on a data-sheet is no substitute for seeing a video of the application running. 

Check out some of the videos and share the link. 

 SolidWorks QuickFlix

CADD Edge Londonderry Office Move


So, it's that time for CADD Edge again. We've outgrown our current Londonderry office space and will be moving soon to a new larger office space about 1/4 mile away. 

At the moment we're having the contractors tear down walls, rip up carpeting and build out the new Training room. We expect the remodeling and move to be complete by Sept 15th.

Once we move you'll see that we've added a great new 3D Printer to our toolset, the Objet Geometries Connex Printer. I can't wait! We purchased this printer back in March, but have been waiting on the new home to have it delivered. Check out a video of what we're getting.  

If you like great technology come on by and check it out. We're setting it up in a nice display area and look forward to showing it off. [We'll be running an Alaris30 and the Connex350 in the same room]

Back to the move - We're moving to 50 Nashua Rd, Suite 111. This move will give us an additional 1200 square feet and will give us access to another 2000 square feet in the future.  I suspect that will take about 2-3 years [This is the 3rd time we've moved because we've outgrown the current space - Thank you!] Oh and by the way, I did all the layout work for the new space using the new SolidWorks 2D Design Tool, DraftSight - pretty easy to use if you're already familiar with ACAD 2D...and well worth the price :) I'll cover more on my DraftSight experience in a future post.

How to Trace a Picture into SolidWorks Using AutoTrace


I was planning to have Stefanie expand on a tutorial she had written on AutoTrace to use as a blog tip.  Instead we got scooped by SolidSmack which is another blog dedicated to 3D CAD technology.   

Rather than reinvent the wheel I figured I would link to theirs instead.  Autotrace is an addin included with all flavors of SolidWorks.  It converts pictures (jpegs, bitmaps etc..)  into sketch geometry.  The official term for this is Raster to Vector conversion. 

 SolidWorks Auto Trace


This is a nice easy to follow tutorial.  Notice that the image has distinct color zones that he is tracing along.  This tool does not work well on images without strong contrast like digital photos. 

Check it out and let us know what you think.



Time saving with SolidWorks Design Tables [Youtube Video Tip]


Time for more introductions.  My name is Gabe Enright and I am one of the Applications Engineers at CADD Edge.  I have been at CADD Edge since 2004 and a SolidWorks user since 1998.  I have been tasked with keeping this blog going and ensuring we are adding timely and useful information.  I won't be writing all the posts, but will work with the rest of our team to get their articles posted.  If you have ideas for what you'd like to see on the blog get them to me.

One way that we hope to share information is through our YouTube channel.  We plan to post a few videos a month that will be primarily of a technical nature.  If any kittens wander through the office and do anything adorable/hilarious we'll try to tape those and post as well.

Below is an example of a video Keith produced a while back on Design Tables.  One area that folks often have trouble with is displaying those tables on detail drawings.  Keith's video shows you how to go about doing that.  Let us know what you think, and send me any ideas you may have for future video tips.


CADD Edge Blog Launch - Post #1


Ok, so you found our blog - yeah, we finally have one!

Before we get started I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Marcel Matte and I’m the COO of CADD Edge. Prior to joining CADD Edge I worked for SolidWorks as the Certification Manager. In this role I certified reseller staff as SolidWorks Trainers and Support Engineers throughout North America and parts of Europe. During this time I also released the End User Certification exam, CSWP (Certified SolidWorks Professional). So if you were one of those people that tested for the CSWP when it was first made public – I was the guy you were probably really pissed at…not an easy test by any means! Hopefully, you’ve forgiven me by now and you appreciate the value of the certification – and congratulations to you if you passed! Prior to SolidWorks I worked in the Semiconductor industry as a systems designer.  While working for companies such as Brooks Automation, ULvac Technologies and BTU International I used Pro-Engineer, ACAD, CALMA and Claris CAD…now I’m dating myself for sure. Does anyone even know what CALMA or Claris CAD is? Can you say 3D wireframe modeling?

Ok, enough about me. What If this is your first encounter with CADD Edge? Let me take a minute to share some information.

CADD Edge is a leading provider of SolidWorks Software Solutions. We have consistently ranked in the Top 5 in North America for the last 13 years. We formed our partnership with SolidWorks in 1995 and since that time have helped thousands of engineers and designers become proficient with SolidWorks. We have offices throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic states with just over 50 employees dedicated to a myriad of engineering solutions. Our corporate head quarters is located in Westborough, MA.

Now that you know a bit about me and CADD Edge you might want to know why it’s taken so long for us to join the ranks of the thousands of other companies that have been blogging for the last 3 to 5 years. Well, honestly, I read a lot of blogs out there and they all seemed like marketing and sales propaganda with what I perceived to be little customer value. I felt that if CADD Edge jumped on board the social media train we would it would be another useless bit of information for you to read.

Moving forward I’ve asked our team of Application Engineers, Sales Staff and Admin members to blog about topics they feel are important and of interest to you all. Our hope is that you’ll read future posts from our Sales staff sharing how our customers are doing and what new technologies they’re using to help them get to market faster and design better products.  Maybe you'll hear about some of the really cool products you all design and manufacture (We’ll make sure we don’t use names unless approved by you!).  Off the top of my head I’d suggest you check out one of our customers, Quirky out of NYC. Quirky is taking full advantage of the Social Media technology and is using a social design process where anyone can impact the design of a new product, suggest a product for design and eventually receive compensation for their input should it be used. Can you check out our friends at Quirky at or It’s an interesting concept with a new spin on what a design team is.

We’ve also tasked the application engineering group with posting important product updates that you’ll want to know so you stay productive with your tools. We’ll also post random tips, tricks and what not’s about some of the products we use that may help you in your day to day activities (sounds kind of like that salesy stuff…sorry, we’ll try to be gentle in this area). We also participate in all the local SolidWorks UserGroups, so keep an eye out for some posts about those events!

Our team is a diverse and extremely interesting group. If you’ve met us, you know what I’m talking about!

So, as a final note you may see some posts about some of the fun and exciting things our employees are involved in outside of work. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this introductory post and I hope the CADD Edge team delivers material that you find interesting, enlightening and enjoyable to read.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions. I would also like to encourage you to send us your comments, both negative and positive. Everyone will benefit from hearing all thoughts and opinions.

Best regards,

Marcel Matte

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