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Setting up a Non-Linear Analysis with SolidWorks Simulation


Jay's next Simulation video reviews setting up a typical Non-Linear analysis using SolidWorks Simulation.  In order to perform Non-Linear analysis you need Simulation premium.  If your products utilize materials with non-linear behaviors such as plastics or rubbers, or loads that stress materials beyond their yield point you should consider performing Non-Linear studies on them.  These studies can answer questions like, "Is my part strong enough?" Is my part over designed and can I remove material?"  "Could I be using a different material?"

Tips for Meshing in SolidWorks Simulation


Jay is back with another YouTube video.  This time he's got some tips for meshing your models with SolidWorks Simulation.  The accuracy of any FEA study is dependant on the quality of the mesh.  SolidWorks simulation has a many robust Meshing options and Jay reviews them here.

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