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Checking in from the CADD Edge SolidWorks User Conference


Day one is winding down.  The last session of the day is now going on and we after that it is just the reception.  It should be a good time, meeting up with old friends and customers. 

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After breakfast this morning the day started with the keynote address.  Steve Mercurio CADD Edge Mid-Atlantic Sales Manager caught everyone up on the state of CADD Edge.  He then introduced John Slamin VP of Engineering from ConforMIS Inc.  John's presentation gave a history of knee replacement surgery going from the 1800s to modern day.  He then explained how ConforMIS's custom implement paradigm is able to create better replacements leading to faster recovery and superior long term survivability.  SolidWorks is at the heart of this process and he showed how they use it to design a custom knee replacement for each patient based upon scans of their knee.  The keynote session concluded with a presentation by HP getting everyone up to speed on the latest developments in CAD workstations. 

The rest of the day was devoted to training sessions.  I led a session on Mechanical Routing, giving attendees an introduction,  to tube and pipe design with SolidWorks.  Other sessions included a couple sessions on Simulation by Jay, and assemby Tips from Stefanie.  During the day attendees were able to visit with our many exhibitors in the partner pavillion.  And meet with CADD Edge tech staff for some one-on-one support.  All the while we made sure to man the support lines as well.

We have another full day scheulded tomorrow including our SolidWorks 2012 introduction.   If by some off chance you can make it down tomorrow we have a single day option as. 

Well the bar is now open and the reception has started.  Time to sign off.



SolidWorks 2012 changes Linked Values


Equations and VariablesAs we are coming up to speed on SolidWorks 2012 one thing that has changed significantly is in the area of equations.  In previous versions of SolidWorks, linked or shared values were used to link two or more dimensions without using equations or relations. Changing one of the linked values would update all values that shared that link.  Along with the major enhancements to Equations (that will be another post) Linked Values have now been replaced with Global Variables. If you have existing models with Linked Values they will continue to work.  If you need to create new links that will require a new workflow. According to SolidWorks Help "Global variables are much easier to find, change, and manage than linked values."  I would agree with that statement for the most part.  Creating linked values was quick, but the new method will make up for it when it comes to modifying and changing. 


Heres are the basics:

  1. Create a global variable in the Equations dialog box or the Modify dialog box for dimensions.
  2. Set two or more dimensions equal to the global variable.
  3. Now to change the values simply change the global variable.  SolidWorks 2012 Variables

Interestingly (or not) this method isn't new.  You could have been doing this for a few releases.  You just no longer have the option. 

While you are checking out the new Equations Dialog, notice that you can now list all the parameters in your model.  This is really useful if you plan to make configurable parametric model.

Thanks Jan for the outline of this posting.







SolidWorks Online Training courses are scheduled register now


Last month John wrote about his experiences teaching our pilot SolidWorks online training class.  Based upon the positive feedback we received we have committed to a series of classes.  You can find all the details here, including schedule and a registration link.

Advanced Part Modelling and File Management classes start things off November 7th.  Weldments, Surfacing and Assemblies will follow after that.

We are sticking to advanced topics for now.  We hope that by allowing designers and engineers to attend training without leaving the office we can get them the skills they need to get their jobs done more faster and more efficiently.  That's what SolidWorks is all about right?

Hope to see you online.



SolidWorks 2012 is released and available for Download


describe the imageBack on Monday SolidWorks 2012 SP0 was made available for download.  You've probably heard it by now but I figured I would share it anyway.  Our website changed how things were managed over the weekend and I had been unable to post to the blog.

I will share some additional details on the new release soon. Lets answer the most asked question "When will I get my install DVD?"  We have been told DVDs will be shipped by the end of November. In the meantime remember you can download the complete DVD install package via the customer portal.



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