SOLIDWORKS 3D Composer Software

Clearly explain and present your product or process using 2D and 3D graphical content that you can quickly create with SOLIDWORKS Composer software.

The easy-to-use tools and intuitive product approach let you work directly from 3D CAD data to make high quality illustrations, photorealistic images, and even interactive animations without waiting for a physical prototype.


Even nontechnical users can leverage existing product designs with SOLIDWORKS Composer and create associative 2D and 3D deliverables that automatically stay up-to-date with the latest design changes. You can start producing a range of technical communication graphical assets [such as 3D interactive animations, 2D line art images (SVG, EPS, CGM), and high-resolution raster images (BMP, JPG, PNG, and TIF files)] earlier in the design process, helping to lower costs and speed time-to-market.

By leveraging the power of 3D, manufacturers can use SOLIDWORKS Composer to produce technical communication that helps customers and partners understand and retain product information more effectively.

Beyond graphical content, SOLIDWORKS Composer can also retain critical design information already built into the CAD model, such as part numbers, dimensions, quantity, standard specifications, torque, surface finish, and so on. Traditionally, manufacturers have had to re-enter it into their documentation—a manual, time-consuming job that adds cost, is prone to error, difficult to update, and inconsistent. Why re-enter data that is already available?

SOLIDWORKS Composer Solutions Include:

Technical Illustration

Simplify creation of 2D graphical content directly from your CAD data for producing high quality technical illustrations that automatically update with design changes.

2D and 3D Content Publishing

Easily create high quality 2D and 3D technical communication with the greatest level of product detail and clarity for an interactive end-user experience.

Concurrent Product Communication Development

Create technical communications from the start of product development and update them automatically so that materials are finished and delivered simultaneously with your product.

Broad Range of Technical Communications Applications

SOLIDWORKS Composer graphical content supports a wide range of technical communication applications for manufacturing, sales, marketing, service, and training—all of which are associated with your CAD data:

  • Publish clear, detailed 2D and 3D instructions to accurately show complex operations for your Assembly Floor
  • Visualize, demonstrate, and sell your product technology in the bidding process
  • Promote your product with marketing materials
  • Publish user instructions with 3D visuals
  • Create maintenance and repair guides for machine operators and service engineers
  • Provide 3D parts catalogs in print or online for customer orders
  • Have Engineers create “3D visual know-how” learning materials for internal or external training
  • Develop visual testing procedures manuals with QA Engineers

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