Stratasys 3D Printer Training

Get the most out of 3D printing with training from our experts

Dual_technology_parts_group_resized-1.pngAlthough 3D printers are starting to become ubiquitous there is still quite a bit of knowledge that's needed to get the maximum benefit from using them. No matter your skill level, our courses are designed to deliver the knowledge you need to produce the best parts your printer can deliver.

Our instructors will pass long tips and tricks that can save you thousands of hours in trial and error. After all, why go through a lot of pain when you can short-cut the learning process!  

Training classes are lead by highly trained, Stratasys-certified instructors. Regional offices across the northeast provide convenient access to training as well as supplies and consumables.

Upcoming Training Classes

3D Printing Essentials, 1 day training course
Designers & Engineers: Learn how to design for a wide range of 3D printing technologies and applications. Designed for those with or without access to 3D printers. Register now >>