Precision 3D Printers

Precision 3D Printers set the industry standard for final-product realism. Based on PolyJet 3D Printing technology, these systems give you the best surface quality and fine details together with the widest range of material properties on the market and the ability to print multi-material models.

Performance 3D Printers

Powered by Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology, Performance 3D Printers deliver 3D modeling in real ABSplus thermoplastic. Parts are durable and dimensionally stable — perfect for tough testing. And materials are affordable, meaning you can work iteratively with frequent 3D modeling. 

Precision 3D Printers - PolyJet Technology

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The Objet24 is ideal for designers and engineers looking to produce highly accurate models for visual aids, fit and assembly testing and functional applications.

Objet24 Data Sheet

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Need more materials than the Objet24 provides? The Objet30 prints in white, black, blue and gray. It adds a polypropylene-like material for snap-fit parts. It's got a bigger build tray too–11.6" length vs. 9.2" on the Objet24.

Objet30 Data Sheet

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Objet30 Pro

The -Pro adds on the capabilites of the Objet30 by adding transparent material support (VeroClear), high-temperature (RGD525) and a newer simulated polypropylene material (Rigur in addition to Durus).

Objet30 Pro Data Sheet

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Objet30 Prime

For even more material choices, the top desktop-format Objet is the new Objet30 Prime. It adds Tango rubber-like material in two colors and durometers, and the bio-compatible material MED610 to all the capabilities of the -Pro.

Objet30 Prime Data Sheet

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Objet Eden260VS

The new Eden260VS is the first-ever Objet printer with water-soluble support removal. This revolutionary feature unlocks the high resolution inherint to PolyJet technology–but for delicate parts, nearly-enclosed cavities and other features that would break under a waterjet support removal process. Build tray handles parts up to 10" x 9.9" x 7.9".

Objet Eden260VS Data Sheet

Objet260 Connex1/2/3

Objet260 Connex1

Step up to the faster triple-jetting technology of Connex! Triple-jetting allows for up to three materials on a single part, or multiple parts with different materials. This printer has the speed of eight print heads, features easy-to-use solubable support removal and all of the base material options. The build tray for all the -260 printers is 10" x 9.9" x 7.9".

Objet260 Connex1 Data Sheet

Objet260 Connex1/2/3

Objet260 Connex2

The Connex2 version of Objet260 allows for mixing of two materials–what's called a Digital Material (DM). This allows for the high-strength Digital ABS, parts with a rage of durometers, variable gray shades and more. Plus, the third material is available in addition to a Digital Material–perfect for Digital ABS with overmolding.

Objet260 Connex2 Data Sheet

Objet260 Connex1/2/3

Objet260 Connex3

For the ultimate in PolyJet capabilities, the Connex3 printers allow for mixing of two or three colors (Digital Materials). Three mixed materials allow for a range of colors, including mixes using transparecy and rubber-like. Experience the ultimate in protoyping realizm with the Objet260 Connex3!

Objet260 Connex3 Data Sheet

Performance 3D Printers - FDM Technology

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Dimension 1200es

If FDM Technology is what you've been searching for, look no further…these machines will fulfill your most ambitious prototyping needs. And, with nine colors of ABSplus materials and a 10" x 10" x 12" build envelope, the Dimension SST 1200es / BST 1200es lets your design creativity run free.

Stratasys Dimension 1200es Data Sheet

3D Printer

Dimension Elite

Demanding more detail? The Stratasys Dimension Elite produces prototypes that are ABSplus strong, with more detail than the Dimension SST 1200es / BST 1200es. FDM Technology and the thinnest layers of the Dimension family make it possible.

Dimension Elite

3D Printer

Fortus 250mc

This is the most affordable FDM printer featuring the Insight software. Insight brings a suite of advanced features for editing the toolpath for total part build control. Additioanal features include building in support material for doing wash-away carbon fiber layup parts. The Fortus 250mc prints in ABS-M30i–a stronger formulation of ABS over ABSPlus. Build size is 10" x 10" x 12", and tolerance is ± .0095 in.

Fortus 250mc Data Sheet