Reduce design time with Design Automation by adding TactonWorks to SolidWorks

Interactive Design Automation with TactonWorks

Manufacturers can reduce design customization work from days to minutes, by automating repetitive design adaptation tasks using the TactonWorks add-in to SolidWorks 3D CAD.


tacton design automation demo video

TactonWorks is fully embedded within the SolidWorks window, where engineers can define design rules intuitively and concisely. In contrast to conventional design automation tools, you don't need to translate design rules to sequential calculations when defining rules, thanks to Tacton's patented rules solver engine.
The unique interactivity empowers users to enter customization requirements in any sequence they want, always seeing the customized model updated in SolidWorks according to the design rules.

If you have tried automating with design tables or DriveWorksXpress, step up to a whole new level of capability and ease of use with TactonWorks.
Fully compatible with the Tacton Configurator product line, TactonWorks can be extended to support sales configuration as well as ERP and PLM integration.

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